Our services

We offer all types of construction works such as luxury villas, residential and commercial building projects, demolition, addition and alteration of a building, maintenance etc.. including site preparation and Engineering with safety.

Civil Contracting

We construct a diverse range of infrastructures including commercial & Residential buildings, luxury villas, Hotels, cafe, Spa, Car parking etc.. with proper site preparation and under the supervision of professional engineers.

Building contracting

We do construction & renovation of buildings including demolition, extension, alteration and addition Works.

Interior designing

We offer modern extenor and interior designing of a room or building including lighting, furniture's, wall finishes flooring, plumbing accessories etc... or as per the specified design.

Electrical contracting

It includes installation of electrical circuits, inspection & testing, fixation of electrical accessories as per the specified drawings.

Plumbing contracting

We provide excellent plumbing services including installation of water & drainage pipe lines( PPR and HEPWORTH), fixation of sanitary wares and accessories as per the specified drawings and Client' s choice.

GYPSUM works

Our Gypsum work includes;
Flat Ceilings, Stepped ceilings, Bulkheads, Partitions, Wall units, Curved Bulkheads, Wall linings, Coving

Painting contracting

We provide painting services in the most timely manner and with higher standards of quality and efficiency as per the Client's choice.

Water proofing

It includes;
Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation, Bitumen Membranes, Liquid coating, Light Weight concrete, Insulation board, Geo textile & separation layer, Expansion joint filler board, Colored state granules